When you are pregnant your bra size can vary from two sizes larger to as much as four sizes larger. Most expectant mothers experience growing breasts well before a growing tummy and many outgrow their fashion bras early in pregnancy.


The increase in weight and size of the breast during pregnancy will cause the skin to stretch and the breast to drop, which is why it is important for pregnant women to be fitted for a new bra regularly.


When you feel that your breasts are changing and your fashion bras are becoming uncomfortable you should be fitted. Pregnant and nursing women should try to avoid wearing underwired bras unless their fitting is checked regularly, this is because breast size can change very quickly during pregnancy and a badly fitting bra can cause breast soreness, lumps and cysts. We would advise that you wear a non wired, soft bra with a high cotton content to let skin breathe.


Emma-Jane and Royce maternity bras are stocked here at Close Essentials, these have wider straps, sides and underbust band, to help eliminate 'bounce' and to give extra support. There is more fabric over the breast area, providing increased comfort and there are a minimum of four rows of back eyes.

Beautiful Spot Mesh Non-Wired Nursing Bra


A ‘beautiful basic’ Nursing bra

Charlotte gives the impression of being pretty and delicate but is surprisingly supportive and gorgeously comfortable

Now available in JJ & K cups, in a choice of white, black or skintone.




A classic Nursing bra design with elegant lace and satin ribbon trim. Jasmine is sophisticated and feminine – a great choice for Nursing mums who need lots of support and perfect comfort

Choose from three colours.


Emma Jane Nursing Bras


Nursing and pregnant mums should not wear hard underwire bras as they can cause milk ducts to block

Our supa-lite underwires are made from titanium and will adjust to your body’s changes, making it safe and supportive


The 412 is a underwired moulded nursing bra in silky-soft breathable microfibre giving excellent support and fit.

Maternity spport Band

Maternity spport Band 571

Wear your regular clothes as maternity wear with this handy accessory.


Emma Jane Maternity support belt


Sometimes referred to as a Reenie support belt has been specifically designed to give you a more comfortable pregnancy by supporting your abdomen and relieving backache. Fully adjustable to your changing shape. Recommended by hospitals and physiotherapists. Ideal foe use after pregnancy to relieve backache too.

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